AN 11ft surfboard and a makeshift swag: that's all Lennox Head surf coach Dave Sharp will be taking with him when he embarks on a 10-week adventure where he will literally "walk away" into the wilderness to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our local environment and its heritage.

He will have no food or water, just these two items and an iPhone with a solar charger to post to his Facebook campaign page. With no experience of survival in the wilderness, he is really going all out to say that if we don't respect our environment, we may as well just walk away.

"Walking into the wilderness with no food and water may seem crazy to some people, but I feel responsible to get this message out there, and this is my way," Mr Sharp said.

"If we don't respect and care for the environment we love, we may as well just walk away."

"Get a Wave Dave", as he is known to many, said he is taking on this challenge to raise awareness about environmental issues in the NSW Far North Coast and further afield.

"Surfing is about more than just riding a wave. It's about feeling part of our natural environment. It wouldn't be the same if our oceans were polluted, our beaches were eroded and dirty, and the wildlife no longer.

"Eventually we won't want to surf here. So many people ignore this, and I felt so frustrated that I just had to do something to highlight some of these issues.

"Every day we use it and we never give anything back. And now I feel it's my duty to give something back.

"If I don't do this I feel like I'm just ignoring the problems."

Mr Sharp can't wait to begin his journey on July 1.

He said during times of personal tragedy he's taken time out in the natural environment and said it's been one of the best things for him.

"I believe that those times out there alone give you answers and meanings to life."

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