Toby slapping the end section.
Toby slapping the end section.

Shark numbers on the increase

WELL, winter went out with a whimper once again. However as from Tuesday onwards this week we did get a little pulse of east swell.

It provided a few waves to a very hungry wave-starved crew.

But unfortunately it doesn't look like it will hold till the weekend.

There may be a pulse of south swell on Sunday, but it's a long shot.

Besides, there's more going on in the water right now than a bit of a break to the wave drought.

It's not just some swell that's turned up. The sharks have as well.

I was starting to wonder if we were going to get a shark season this year, as there really haven't been many sightings for a while.

Of course there are always sharks around.

Yet they seem to increase in number and get a little friskier when the whales are cruising past town.

Usually we'd start to notice more of them from late May onwards, but this year they've been pretty quiet; that is up until the last week or so.

So if you're heading out for a paddle this weekend watch your toes.

So far this week there have been a few sightings at the Pass, one at Belongil another couple at Broken, and several at Tallow beach.

I'm not really sure how the Ballina crew are going with them but it's a safe bet that if we've got them here, they have them there. As most of us know.

The numbers increase as the beasties follow the whales up and down the coast.

They're looking to take a juvenile whale or get an easy feed from the placenta when the calves are born. Why they're late this year, is anyone's guess. But as I said they're getting frisky now, and are not afraid to push through a crowd at the moment.

Best advice I can give is to exercise a little caution. Treat these creatures with the respect they deserve and don't panic if you see one.

No matter what people say, sharks are sharks, they are wild predators that have a natural fight or flight instinct.

Wild animals can attack when they feel threatened. They may not be specifically hunting us, but if you surprise or upset one, it could turn on you and that's when accidents happen.

Don't try to scare them; give them space to move freely and hopefully all will be well.

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