Hey Shane Warne, promoting booze is just not cricket

CAN Australia's World Cup Cricket champions celebrate their victory without getting blotto?

Not in Shane Warne's book it seems.

Warne's interrogation of winning players about their post-match drinking plans was nothing short of bizarre.

And given the huge audience of young fans, very inappropriate.


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Warne, a former mouthpiece of Victoria Bitter, asked members of the victorious Australian squad on three occasions whether a night on the cans was on.

He also questioned Steve Smith: "Are you going to have a bit of a drink tonight too Smitty? Are you going to get thirsty as well? The boys are thirsty they seem."

It was like he was reading a script given to him by a major beer company.

It didn't stop there though.

He then turned to Shane Watson and Josh Hazlewood.

"So what's the plan, besides lots of drink and that. How long is that going to last. Just one night, two nights? We saw (coach) Darren Lehmann say it might last a week. Do you reckon it will go a bit longer than that?"

Sure our boys deserve a celebration.

But do we have to signal to the world - and particularly kids - that 24 to 48 hour drinking sessions are the way we celebrate in Australia?

Don't get me wrong, I love a beer or two.

But aren't we becoming mature enough as a nation to recognise that we don't need to get paralytic to celebrate our sporting prowess.

In the early hours of Monday morning, Warne tweeted in response that the "do gooders" could "get stuffed", and started using the hashtag "thirsty".

Perhaps we should reply with the hashtag #drunkenidiot

Little wonder Australia has such a problem with booze - and domestic violence - when you see role models like him.


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