Sex in City? Yes, please

FINALLY, the wait is over.

The fabulous four - Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha - have hit Lismore with the first screening of the new Sex and the City movie yesterday morning.

On the first night, the Greater Union Cinema in Keen Street had one session completely booked out with Lismore's die-hard fans rushing to see the fashionistas on the big screen.

Groups of girlfriends have pre-booked tickets to the movie so they don't miss out. They're even getting dressed up and finding a little bit of New York on the streets of Lismore.

Self-confessed 'sexperts' Katie Dunn, Britany Edwards and Paula Charlton can't wait to see the movie and even spent the weekend watching the entire series from start to finish.

"I've seen the series four times," Katie said, "and we wanted to watch it all again so we were up-to-date for the movie."

"I hope the film will give me closure - I want to know if Carrie finally gets married and gets her happy ending.

"I hope she doesn't as it's not in her character, but I'll have to wait and see.

"I don't want to know what happens before I see the film on Saturday night."

So why do three young women feel so attached to this show staring 30-something-year-old women looking for love in the Big Apple?

"It's so honest and real. You can relate to every single character on the show," Britany said.

"You can see a little of Carrie and even Samantha in your friends and in yourself.

"It's also funny poking fun at men and there's always great shoes and lots of sex."

But the attraction of the series is limited to a younger generation.

"My mum won't watch the show. She says there is too much sex in it," Katie said.

"But I love it."

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