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SES practice to tsunami response

THE SES have been kept busy in the past few months helping with the flood response.

But next Saturday the Ballina SES Unit will practice a response to a different kind of disaster - and they want your help.

NSW SES was the key combat agency responsible for tsunami in NSW. While the risk of a tsunami was considered low in Eastern Australia, it was still a possibility and they said we need to be ready just in case.

Planning for tsunami is a collaborative community responsibility for NSW SES, other emergency services, all levels of government, other stakeholders and individuals.

On June 24 the NSW SES Ballina Unit plan to hold a Tsunami Awareness exercise in the Shaws Bay area between 9.30am and 12.30pm in conjunction with NSW SES Richmond/Tweed Region and State HQ.

This exercise will test out the warning procedures in the event a tsunami should occur on the East Coast of Australia.

The SES unit plan to drive through Shaw's Bay inviting the community to join them at a meeting point near the Ballina Lighthouse Surf Club to discuss a plan of action if a tsunami were to eventuate.

They aim to familiarise the community with correct response procedures.

NSW SES have organised a number of strategies to inform the community of the exercise.

Ballina SES Unit members will conducting a letterbox drop in the Shaw's Bay area on Monday June 19 explaining the exercise and inviting residents to observe the exercise.

A public meeting will also be held on Wednesday June 21 at the Ballina RSL Club at 7.00pm to allow residents and interested persons to learn more about tsunami and the exercise.All Ballina residents are invited to attend this meeting.

The exercise offers an opportunity for the public to find about more about the tsunami warning system and recommended responses. The knowledge gained may be life-saving if they should ever be caught up in a tsunami threat, either locally or overseas.

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