Serpentine Community Gallery determined to stick around

THE Serpentine Community Gallery, North Lismore, is seeking input and assistance from the community to continue its function as a local artists and artisans run co-operative.

The gallery has functioned in a voluntary capacity for over nine years and is an affordable and accessible space to display, market and promote artworks.

The gallery is urgently requiring volunteers with IT skills to update and maintain our website and/or contribute to our facebook.

Potential grant writers would also be gladly welcomed, as would those with basic administration skills, to assist with the everyday running of the gallery.

Training is always provided for those wishing to help out.

The beginning of the year brings an uncertain time to Serpentine Community Gallery, who are looking to cement their future as Lismore's only completely self-suffient community gallery.

"The success of our previous 9 years of operation is testament to the galleries vital function, offering a nurturing space for our local and regional artists and the support of the public....but we need to capitalize on this positivity and maintain our people power to re-energise the gallery and kick start our calender year," the crew behind the gallery said in an email statement earlier today.

"So we are asking for your support and we need it immediately, so please visit our website, check out our facebook, ring or email the gallery or feel welcome to pop in and check out our latest members show, 'Everything Old is New Again'.

"The Serpentine Community Gallery is our own local exhibition space which is deeply committed to assisting and sustaining our burgeoning local artistic community.

"With your imput and support great things may achieved and our future secured."

The gallery's annual general meeting to decide their future will be held on Tuesday Febuary 9 from 1-2pm at the Serpentine Gallery: 17 Bridge Street, North Lismore.

Phone 66216845 or visit the website for more info.

"We hope you can come along, share your ideas and suggestions and ultimately make a commitment to our future in Lismore."

"The community needs us and we need get on board and lend us your much needed support and in so doing utilize our fantastic potential.It would be a shame to see us go!"

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