Serial stalker jailed over e-mails

A SERIAL stalker has been jailed for bombarding a Department of Community Services worker with abusive emails and offensive pamphlets.

Charmaine Lee Anderson pleaded guilty in the Ballina Local Court on Wednesday to harassing and intimidating the man who had been involved in the removal of her teenage son.

The New Zealand-born mother-of-five sent the DoCS worker more than 1000 emails over six years, accusing him of stealing her son, and being corrupt and unethical.

She urged him repeatedly to ‘repent his sins’.

Anderson also dropped pamphlets featuring the worker’s photograph in his neighbours’ letterboxes, claiming he was a criminal and a pedophile.

In January this year the DoCS worker started to receive defamatory material at his home, causing him to fear for his family’s safety.

Police said Anderson, 56, abandoned one of her twin sons in Lismore’s Heritage Park in 2004 and DoCS staff had collected him and found him a foster home.

Anderson refused to respond to DoCS letters but began a hate-mail campaign against the service, as well as legal aid and police employees.

Her lawyer, David Imlah, said the charges were at the lower end of offending.

He said they were irritating rather than physically threatening.

The defendant had no previous convictions, had been a committed Christian for many years and was a member of a religious group, MrImlah said.

But Magistrate Jeff Linden said there was nothing religious about harassing innocent people, and the offences ‘smacked of someone who has completely lost theplot’.

The accusations made by Anderson had huge implications for someone in the DoCS worker’s position, he said.

Mr Linden ruled thatseveral AVOs should apply for a five-year period, and noted nine other similaroffences.

He sentenced Anderson to 18 months’ imprisonment, with a non-parole period of four months.

Anderson has been in custody since May 7 and could be released in early September.

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