Serial sex pest back behind bars

A SEXUAL predator with a history of random attacks on women and children across Central and North Queensland is back in jail for allegedly harassing a new victim.

Geoffrey Doolan, 50, has spent much of the past decade in jail and is considered such a risk to society he is banned from going near shopping centres, schools and parks.

Convicted of more than a dozen sex offences, Doolan previously grabbed a Mackay school girl at a bus stop and kissed her in 2006, did the same to a woman at a Rockhampton ATM the year before and fondled his genitals in front of two boys at Townsville - molesting one and threatening to rape the other.

A string of supervision order breaches culminated in another jail term earlier this year but Doolan was released back into the community three months later.

The Queensland Attorney-General's department called for a review of Doolan's supervision order under the state's dangerous prisoner laws this month after he was arrested for allegedly harassing a 36-year-old woman by phone.

A hearing to determine whether Doolan should be allowed back into the community with a fresh criminal charge hanging over his head was held yesterday in the Brisbane Supreme Court where the offender appeared dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and sporting a long grey beard.

Justice Martin Daubney noted there was evidence of Doolan calling his alleged victim between 40-50 times a day.

He said Doolan had "made no attempt" to demonstrate exceptional circumstances and should be detained until the latest accusation against him had been dealt with in court.

Doolan was remanded in custody and will re-appear in court on a date to be set.


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