'Selfish, stupid, dangerous': Drivers making bad decisions

Police are out in force for Operation Safe Arrival.
Police are out in force for Operation Safe Arrival. Trevor Veale

ONE of the state's top police officers has slammed people for making poor driving decisions these holidays.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, said leaving children unrestrained "led the list of stupid and dangerous decisions seen on the roads” during Operation Safe Arrival.

Double demerits began this morning and will remain in force until midnight on New Year's Day.

Assistant Commissioner Corboy said it was "not fair to put innocent children at risk”.

"To say it is disappointing to see people driving with young children unrestrained in their car is an understatement,” he said.

"I cannot believe the selfishness and stupidity of anyone that chooses to carry children in their car without putting them in an approved seat, or with no seatbelt at all.

"Today is the day that many people are setting off on what could be the biggest trip of their year on roads unfamiliar to them.

"Not only is it important that everyone is restrained in a car, it is important for drivers to be rested.

"Heading off on a long trip after a long day at work can be a recipe for disaster.

"Don't let your family or someone else's family suffer because you are speeding or driving tired, all because you want to get to your destination a little early.

"It's simply not worth it.”

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