Custody battle shifts to Northern Rivers

THE search for a woman wanted by United States authorities for child abduction may very soon move to the Northern Rivers.

Queensland private investigator Col Chapman said he would definitely travel here with the child's father after a story published in the Northern Rivers led to fresh clues.

Camilla Ellefsen Lunetta, 36, is being sought by United States authorities after abd-ucting her daughter, Reya, in 2002, when she was only one year old.

She eluded police in Eur-ope, then India, before landing in Perth in February, 2004, on a Norwegian passport.

However, it was a failed police raid on a house in Goonengerry, south-west of Mullumbimby, that provided father Brozzi Lunetta with the most hope he may soon be able to follow his ex-wife's trail. The raid proved Mrs Ellefesen Lunetta had been living in the area and was known by locals.

Subsequent investigations by The Northern Star led to the discovery of a friend who remembered her by the name of Zelma Singer.

“I found out that she was wanted by police after she moved on from here,” she said. “But as far as I am concerned there are two sides to every story.

“Look on the internet and you will find photos of her ex-husband stalking her parents' home in Norway and making a bomb.”

When contacted by The Northern Star, Mr Brozzi, a filmmaker, said the internet material referred to was part of a film he had made to raise awareness about his missing daughter.

The bomb-making scene was purely fictional, he said, although he admitted he had visited the home of his ex-wife's parents to ask about his child.

Anyone with information about Ellefesen Lunetta, or her daughter Reya, also known as Hira, should contact The Northern Star on 6620 0500.

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