SCU feels dudded by new site

SOUTHERN Cross University vice chancellor Peter Lee has slammed the methodology behind a new website which grades Australian universities.

The Federal Government's MyUniversity website ranks institutions on criteria such as graduate outcomes, staffing levels and student satisfaction.

Southern Cross University (SCU) was ranked lowest in the state for graduate outcomes, with 66.7% of graduates obtaining full-time employment.

In comparison The University of New South Wales and Charles Sturt University both scored 85.4%.

But Professor Lee said the results were wrong."The data is wrong. It's just straight out wrong and it's unfortunate the government has rushed to publish inaccurate data," Prof Lee said.

Prof Lee said the graduate employment rating fails to count students who have already worked full-time, which excludes the significant number of mature aged students at SCU.

"40% of our students are basically ruled out of the calculations and that's pretty fundamental so I will be blunt, the data is wrong," Prof Lee said.

Prof Lee also criticised the student to staff ratio, which he said did not count casual teachers or teachers employed overseas.

"They count every student we have across our Australian campuses but they also count every student we enrol offshore as well.

"It looks like we have a lot of students compared to staff but that's not true."

The $1.5m website claims to help students "make an informed choice" about their future.

But Prof. Lee said SCU had been misrepresented by the outcome.

"I support the overall concept but I'm disappointed the government didn't delay it longer and get the data right, because it creates a false impression of Southern Cross University."

The website is at

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