NEW PLAYERS: New members at the Byron Bay Ladies Golf Club enjoyed some practice with club champion Di Grieve at a special skills clinic. Here Grieve (left) with new player Sharne Wolff.
NEW PLAYERS: New members at the Byron Bay Ladies Golf Club enjoyed some practice with club champion Di Grieve at a special skills clinic. Here Grieve (left) with new player Sharne Wolff.

Scores not impacted by icy winds as golfers forge on

GOLFERS all over the Northern Rivers may have been rugged up like extras in Home of the Blizzard, but a little icy wind wasn't going to keep them off the greens,

By the beginning of this week, the gusts had settled and it was back to sunblock and shorts, not padded jackets.


Monday August 24, 2020

On Monday 171 Members and Veterans played an 18 Hole Stableford event. The winner was Rod Cooper with 42 points. Second was Audrey McCabe with 41 points. Third was John Brown with 40 points. Fourth was Stephen Craven with 39 points on a countback from Rod Willis on a countback from Peter Blanchard on a countback from Michael Baker.

There were 34 balls to 34 points on a countback.

The Card Draw winners for $80 each were Arthur Colledge, Michael Haesslein, Ross Hanson and Lyle Rawle.

N.B. Four Card Draws are now held in lieu of Pro Pin and Lucky Card Draw

In addition to the usual prizes, the NRDGVA provided 12 x $25 “Grassroots”Vouchers. These were awarded to players in different age groups to players who had played well, but not won a major prize.

55 to 66 Age Division

Greg Andersen

Peter Oloughlin

Michael Evans

67 to 72 Age Division

Chris McNall

Patrick Boyle

Peter Harden

73 to 79 Age Division

Trevor Reynolds

Ross Hanson

Neville Keevers

80 and Over Age Division

Kevin Field

Geoff Davey

Graham Ellis


August 25, Ladies Single Stableford.

1 Knaus, Robyn 32.6 (37) Byron Bay GC3 9 (-35)+

2 Judd, Anne17.1 (20) Killara GC 38 (-36)+

3 Lollback, Kerry 19.4 (22) Byron Bay GC38 (-36)+

4 Askew, Marjorie 15.3 (18) Byron Bay GC38 (-36)+

5 Compton, Leanne 42.7 (45) Byron Bay GC38 (-36)+

6 MacMillan, Dawn 26.2 (30) Byron Bay GC36 (-38)+

7 Ryken, Valerie 28.8 (32) Byron Bay GC36 (-38)+

8 Hetherington, Stella 23.2 (26) Byron Bay GC36 (-38)+

9 Butler, Kim 39.9 (45) Byron Bay GC34 (-40)+

10 Stewart, Debbie 28.1 (32) Byron Bay GC34 (-40)+

11 Keenan, Gladys 30.0 (34) Byron Bay GC33 (-41)+

12 Charles, Suzanne 17.5 (20) Byron Bay GC32 (-42)+

13 Bertoli, Maureen 34.5 (39) Byron Bay GC32 (-42)+

14 Woolcott, Pam 33.1 (37) Byron Bay GC32 (-42)+

15 Ryan, Audrey 34.7 (39) Byron Bay GC32 (-42)+

16 Barnes, Vicki 18.7 (21) Byron Bay GC31 (-43)+

17 Bell, Maureen 31.4 (35) Byron Bay GC30 (-44)+

18 Main, Bery l35.7 (40) Byron Bay GC29 (-45)+

19 Neate, Joan 22.5 (26) Byron Bay GC29 (-45)+

20 Larsson, Sandra 27.8 (31) Byron Bay GC28 (-46)+

21 Jones, Angela 29.7 (33) Byron Bay GC28 (-46)+

22 Sealey, Margaret 32.3 (36) Byron Bay GC28 (-46)+

23 Pierce, Margaret 18.6 (21) Byron Bay GC27 (-47)+

24 Kelly, Marcia 29.3 (33) Byron Bay GC27 (-47)+

25 Tibbett, Susan 19.3 (22) Byron Bay GC27 (-47)+

26 O’Reilly, Donna 18.4 (21) Byron Bay GC27 (-47)+

27 Young, Perri 28.7 (32) Byron Bay GC26 (-48)+

28 Beohm, Katrina 20.4 (23) Byron Bay GC25 (-49)+

29 Wells, Carol 28.6 (32) Byron Bay GC25 (-49)+

30 Parker, Jo 39.4 (44) Byron Bay GC24 (-50)+

31 Gleeson, Wendy 17.6 (20) Byron Bay GC20 (-54)+

32 Reakes, Estrella 20.6 (23) Byron Bay GC11 (-63)+

CHIPPING AWAY: New members at the Byron Bay Ladies Golf Club enjoyed some practice with club champion Di Grieve which included learning how to chip over a bunker.
CHIPPING AWAY: New members at the Byron Bay Ladies Golf Club enjoyed some practice with club champion Di Grieve which included learning how to chip over a bunker.


Tuesday August 18

The Vets had 45 Players in the field for the Single Stableford and the winner of the day was Alan Schier (22) with 40 points from Warwick Sweeney 921) with 39, then ame Robert Oaten (21) with 37. John Nipperess (25) finished with 36 from David Mudford having 35 and Greg Petty (21) finished with 34 on a c/b from Geoff Pederson.

The Ball Rundown went to 30 on a c/b.

Wednesday August 19

The Ladies had their 27 Hole Foursomes with 30 in the field and of course as they say it was “a tough day at the office” with the scores being a bit bigger than expected.

It is always a fun day hitting a golf ball from places you are not usually in.

The Overall Gross Champions for 2020 are defending Champions Nora Viel & Louise Formaggin finishing with a scratch score of 150 over the 27 holes from Runner Ups Loretta Transton & Marg King with 153.

The Nett Winners were Lorraine Pratt & Helen Olive with 113 nett from Dorothy Willis & Janelle Godfrey with 114.75 Nett.

The 18 Hole Nett Winners sponsored by Carolyn Ross were Maree Drysdale & Gwenda Nipperes with 75 Nett (photo L-R Carolyn Ross & Gwenda Nipperess) from Runners Up Ann Innes & Kay Wood with 76 Nett. The Ball rundown went to 126.50 on the 27 Hole Nett Scores.

Thursday August 20

The men had 72 in the field for the Single Stableford event fighting the wind and dust as well. A Grade was won by Ian Eggleton (13) with 33 points on a c/b from Adrian Lotz (10).

B Grade was won by Terry Oaten (19) with 41 points from Troy Hook (34) with 37 points and the Ball rundown went to 31 on a c/b.

Friday August 21

The ladies had 24 in the field for the Stableford Event Div 1 was won by Linda Dean (18) with 37 points on a c/b from Janet Halliday (19) and 2nd Runner Up was Margaret King (26) with 36 points.

Div 2 was won by Judith McHugh (34) with 37 points 1st Runner Up was won by Lorraine Pratt (36) with 31 on a c/b from Claire Barnes (45) on a c/b from Johneen Pluis.

The Ball Rundown went to 30 on a c/b.

Saturday August 22

There were 124 players for the Medley Single Stableford sponsored by Richmond Valley Meats, Ben George actually got to have a game as well and boy what a chilly day it was with the Westerly August winds playing havoc with the golf balls, and of course the chill in the air was definitely felt by the last players coming in.

A Grade was won by Nick Morrissey (11) with 37 points from Runner Up Peter Rogerson (11) with 36.

B Grade was won by Tathra Beach visitor Cec Noack (18) with 35 points on a c/b fromPhill Darragh (17).

C Grade was won by Daniel Rowlands (26) with 39 points from Greig Lamond (26) with 36 points on a c/b from Roanne Lenton (23). The Ball Rundown went to 31 on a c/b.

The Match play Championships are still underway, please check the board and organise to have your games played.

The Alex Armstrong 2BBB K/O is also underway and of course it would be good to get your games played as soon as you can.

Notice of Winners will be advised at the end of the day but no Presentations for the next six weeks, let’s hope NSW keeps this COVID contained.


Thursday August 20

The third round of our club championships was contested by 50 odd players on Thursday, Winner B McDonald, 2nd B Collyer, 3rd W Lunnon, free game P Bruggy, chicken/ball winners B Micheal, P Muldoon, T Foster, B Waterson, N Garrett, A Parr, J Savins, M Fairfull, T Wood, T Doyle, R Lamoon. Nearest Pins 3rd/12th J Nilsson, 6th/15th E Reddell.

This Thursday the final round of the championships will be played as an 18 hole single stroke commencing from 8.15am onwards.



Dear All – I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of the wind, though looking at Saturday’s scores you’d be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t any!

This Saturday is the final round of the shootout and it’s very bunched around the final qualifying spots and will go down to the wire.

Sunday will also see the Foursomes championships played with a solid field already in place but more players welcome.

The greens are being mowed so the course will be in tip-top shape for it, big thanks to Josh for coming out on a Sunday morning.

Golf results for last week

Thursday August 20

Alpine Towing blue marker challenge, single stroke;

Winner – Bruce Nobbs (68 c/b); R/Up – Steven Marshall (68); 3rd – Anthony Goulding (69); 4th – Neil Clark (70 c/b); 5th – Geoff Sheaffe (70).

Ball run-down: 74 c/b.

NTP: 2nd – John Lowe; 11th – David Walker; 16th – Scott McKinnon.

Field size: 128 (excellent).

Saturday August 22

Gaertner & Associates, Single Stableford, Round 19 B & K Balustrades/Bolt Barn Shoot-Out;

A Grade: Winner – Glen Mancell (43); R/Up – Murray Kirshaw (42); 3rd – Stuart Allen (40 c/b); 4th – Jake Hospers (40); 5th – Graeme Wilson (39 c/b).

B Grade: Winner – Terry Williams (39); R/Up – Bob Rose (38 c/b); 3rd – John Coster (38); 4th – Don Cox (37 c/b); 5th – Paddy Molloy (37).

C Grade: Winner – Nicholas Van Hof (42); R/Up – Ray Lewis (41 c/b); 3rd – Steve Marshall (41); 4th – Kevin Cherry (41); 5th – Scott Woods (39 c/b).

Ball run-down: 35 c/b.

NTP: 2nd – Joe McWilliam; 5th – Ken Arnett; 8th – Jordon Lampard; 11th – Tony Thompson; 13th – Phil Molloy; 16th – Jason Matthews.

PakVending Chip Shot (6th) – Daryl Matthews.

Field size: 195 (awesome).

Sunday August 23

Single Stableford;

Winner: David Leadbetter (34 c/b)

Runner up: Malcolm Jenkins (34).

Ball Run Down: (34).

Field Size: 11

This week

Thursday – 27-August 27: Two person ambrose.

Saturday – August 29: The Bolt Barn 4BBB Multiplier, single in conjunction, Round 20 B & K Balustrades/Bolt Barn Shoot-Out.

Sunday – August 30: Foursomes Championships.

Remember the entire entry fee will be distributed in prizes to gross and net winners.


Tim Gilmore – President


August 18

Club Competition Winner J Mulcahy, Rundown J Robinson Jnr., J Nielsen, J Hair, P Fay, J Baker, August 19 Ladies Single Stroke & Putting “Secret 9” A Division Winner S Jacobson c/b, B Division Winner H Campbell, Rundown R Kinnane, J Pethers, L Savins, J Hennessy,

G Bishop, S Manwarring, Putting A Division L Jeffery, B Division J Pethers,

August 20

Veterans Single Stableford Winner J Milton 40, Rundown M Fava, P Fay, B Ferrier, J Patterson, J Robinson Snr., T Hancock, D Ferrier, D Perkins, J Edser, I Mackenzie, S Cross, J Perkins, NTP’s 2 R Standing, 11 J Robinson Jnr., 5 J Baker, 14 L Campbell, 9 M Fava, 18 I Mackenzie.

August 21

Club Competition Winner R Kinnane, Rundown M Bradley, P O’Connor, I Delves, Julie Boyd, B Ferrier, C Haselden, B Kinnane.

August 22

Single Stableford Overall Winner

B Bevege 41, B Grade Winner A Sheather, C Grade Winner G Tickle, Gross Winner M Sneesby, Rundown P O’Connor, M Jarrett, B Mayes, J Campbell, J Edser, K Richardson, T Hawkins, J Boyd, G Fletcher, S Colless, B Ferrier, J O’Connell, P Newman, B Kinnane,

Ladies Winner D Perkins, Rundown C Youngberry, K Fletcher, J Hennessy, G Ferrier, L Hay, S Jacobson, Pros Approach Draw No. 5 D Pobje, Mystery Numbers Draw No. 45 P Newman, Draw No. 28 S Jacobson.

Send us your golfing results, news and action photos to by 4pm Tuesdays for publication on Wednesdays.

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