Mobility scooters.
Mobility scooters. Alistair Brightman

Scooters under Parliament's spotlight

THE NSW Parliament Staysafe Committee is to conduct an inquiry into the use of non-registered motorised vehicles including mobility scooters due to concerns that they pose a danger to the public.

The inquiry, to be staged in February next year, will cover the current status of the vehicles in road rules definitions and the extent of road safety problems related to their use as well as the adequacy of data collection for injury and fatality rates.

It will also investigate vehicle standards requirements for the non-registered motorised vehicles and insurance implications of injuries and fatalities.

Initiatives taken by local councils and other jurisdictions to certify, register and regulate the use of the vehicles will also be looked at.

Labor MLC for Ballina Amanda Fazio said: "Following on from the accident in Ballina in October in which two women were injured by the elderly driver of a mobility scooter, I am sure Ballina residents will welcome this inquiry.

"I encourage all concerned residents to have their say on this vital issue."

The Staysafe Committee can be contacted here.

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