AS Australia reels from the news that four adults were killed at one of Dreamworld's most beloved and benign rides, some have raised the prospect that the Gold Coast theme park may be closed for good.

Shock jock Steve Price told a New Zealand radio show that it could spell the end for the famed park, as visitors question whether Dreamworld and its Gold Coast peers are safe for visitors.

But readers have hit back hard, saying that Dreamworld has brought them such joy, that this incident while tragic, would not stop them from returning with their families.


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Eliza Orenshaw wrote that she has "full faith" in the park operating as it always have, with safety as a top priority.

"It is so devastating this has happened, and my heart goes out to the family who lost so many people in one go from this horrific accident," she wrote.

"Dreamworld will fix their ride, they will put new protocols in place to try to prevent anything like this ever happening again, and anyone that's ever been there and loved it (like I have my whole life) will be back, as well as tourists who want to experience the joy of this theme park."

Jessica Louise said she and her family would "100% be going back".

"What happened yesterday was a freak accident. The kind that could happen absolutely anywhere in the world. No one is at fault here.

"May the 4 that passed rest in peace and their families live life for them.

"Dreamworld still has my support 10000% percent."

Lee-ann Higgins said while her heart goes out to those affected in the tragedy, she would return.

"I'll still go back though," she wrote.

" Have been there many times and was there again in February. Had the best time."


Carissa Chapman 

No need to close its doors, it was a sad incident that shouldn't of happened... condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones and those poor children that lost their mum and witnessed it all. 

It happens all across the world at different theme parks, close the ride for good if need be but don't take the whole park away so future generations cant experience the joy Dreamworld can bring.

Lisa Elvish

Just a freak accident...accidents happen on our roads...but people don't stop driving on them. Sending the families support at this very sad time.

Kira Gray

We need to stand behind the workers of Dreamworld, if that park closes hundreds of people will lose jobs. Where will the animals and tigers go?

What are they gonna do with a whole empty theme park? Yesterday was a horrific accident that could of happened at any time anywhere.

My condolences to the family impacted by the tragedy and I'm deeply sorry for your loss but let's not lose such an iconic place like Dreamworld.


Rhiannon Amy

I feel for those families who have lost someone but it was a freak accident like many things in life are does that mean we should stop altogether.

I mean there is plane accidents, boat accidents but those things haven't been shut down.

Things happen we can't see the future.


Penny Cattonar

It's such a tragedy for all who lost their lives and for all of their families. It's also terrible for all the staff and people who were there yesterday.

It certainly won't stop me from going! We can't wrap ourselves up in bubble wrap! That's like saying I will never drive a car again because someone was killed in a car accident..... (that happens daily)!


Annika Gimm

The Rapids was my favourite, I've been on it a million times but now, I just can't bring myself to go on it again. This incident has sucked all the fun out.


Noelene Fairweather

Definitely going back. Yes yesterday was a tragedy. Thoughts to the families and everyone involved.

Dreamworld already had a tight maintenence and safety checks and i imagine these will increase.

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