Saffin dumps ALP from posters

PAGE MP Janelle Saffin has been accused of trying to distance herself from her party with a series of posters that don't make any reference to Labor.

Ms Saffin is using two posters in the campaign. One features a big picture of her with a small Labor Party logo in the bottom left corner. The other features no image or Labor logo and reads ‘Janelle gets things done' in black text on a yellow background.

Page Nationals candidate Kevin Hogan said Ms Saffin was trying to distance herself from an unpopular government.

“I have some of her 2007 election material where she said she was Kevin Rudd's candidate in Page, in a very presidential style,” Mr Hogan said.

“Now I think she's trying to disassociate herself from the Labor Party, and with good reason.

“I'd have more respect for that if she crossed the floor (to vote against the Government), but has she ever said anything publicly against ALP policy? If she crossed the floor she'd be expelled.”

Ms Saffin said she had publicly disagreed with the Government, citing her opposition to the extension of the ‘three mines policy' to allow four uranium mines. However, she agreed most of her discussions about party policy were done behind closed doors.

“It's like everything. You don't do everything in public,” she said. “I don't feel constrained by that.”

Ms Saffin rejected the suggestion she was trying to distance herself from Labor, saying everyone already knew which party she belonged to.

“Who doesn't know I am a member of the Labor Party? The ALP logo is on my posters, flyers and campaign material. So saying I don't want to identify as a Labor member is being silly, and a bit desperate,” Ms Saffin said.

“Mr Hogan should worry more about identifying as a member of the Federal Nationals, which only has nine representatives across Australia and is moving to political extinction.”

Ms Saffin said the election should be focused on ‘real issues' – preferably ones involving Coalition plans to cut popular Labor programs such as the GP super clinics, trade training centres and the school computers program.

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