A Rose by any other name wouldn't fling footwear so sweetly

THERE are moments in history that mark out our days and define an epoch.

The Kennedy Assassination, the moon landing and the moment Guy Sebastian was named as our contestant for Eurovision are three such moments.

Everyone knows where they were the moment John Wilkes booth fired the arrow at Kennedy, the Tardis landed on the moon and Guy kissed goodbye to his musical credibility.


Shoes fly as Byron Shire Council meeting gets ugly

Six great shoe-throwing moments from recent history

In Byron Shire that day will forever be Thursday May 21 and the place will be the Byron Shire Council Chambers.

I was right there when Councillor Rose Wanchap threw not one but both her shoes at a heckler in the public gallery.

The reasons almost don't matter anymore, something about major developments and millions of dollars, who knows, but already conspiracy theories and misinformation abound.

This paper, the Northern Star, ran a picture of bright red stilettos, making the astounding assumption that because Rose's hair is red she would naturally fling red stilettos. As if!

As if the good people of Byron Bay would believe that. It's like offering us a non-single origin latte or GM modified kale - we just won't swallow it.

Obviously the FBI, ASIO, Rupert Murdoch, the Daleks and big Eurovision have gotten to somebody high up at the Northern Star organisation and the cover up has started already.

I can confirm exclusively that the weapons were actually standard issue Byron Bay hippy sandals.

And following the wild incident Cr Wan chap clambered into the public gallery to retrieve her footwear thus recycling the weapons.

It was a totally sustainable, free range, gluten free assassination attempt. The only thing missing was a group hug afterwards.

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