SAFARI READY: Elizabeth Rose will be all kitted out by the time she plays Sunday Safari on Sunday. Photo Contributed
SAFARI READY: Elizabeth Rose will be all kitted out by the time she plays Sunday Safari on Sunday. Photo Contributed Contributed

Elizabeth Rose on track for Safari

Sydney singer-producer Elizabeth Rose has been making waves since being picked up on triple j Unearthed last year. Her single Ready is her state of mind. She talks to Pulse ahead of her slot on this month's Sunday Safari.

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You played a DJ set at Big Day Out in Sydney - how did it go?

Let's just say it was interesting. It was 46C out there and I was playing a live show back in the city that night too. I left my soundcheck at 2pm, we drove out to Homebush.

Because of the extreme heat the car broke down, and then I had to get my dad to drive us. I arrived just before 4pm and was due to start at 4pm. Very stressful! But, I loved it. It was really fun to play a silent disco.

I've never really fantasised about playing at Big Day Out, let alone doing a DJ set there, but it was actually pretty cool.

How long have you been creating music and when did you know that's what you wanted to do?

I've been writing music and singing for as long as I can remember - I think it started when I was around seven, where I'd buy singles on CDs and they'd come with the instrumental version of the track.

I would then rewrite the lyrics and melody to the instrumentals. One I can remember clearly is to Britney Spears, Oops I Did It Again - terribly cheesy but that's how it all started.

I knew it was what I wanted to do from an early age, after growing up seeing my older brother Anthony - he's a DJ/producer HooknSling - produce his music at home. I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Does it feel good to be part of a small group of Australian female producers?

It does actually. It's hard to be taken seriously sometimes, especially when buying gear from music shops. But I think it gives me an advantage.

It isn't that common and I feel like it's a part of my story as a musician, that I'm a female producer.

Do you have anyone in particular you look up to either as a vocalist or a producer?

I'm a big fan of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, his production is absolutely flawless and it's so inspiring to listen through his tracks and try to work out the little tricks he has used and try to deconstruct his masterpieces to learn.

You seem to have been rubbing shoulders - well in a digital sense - with all the right people (Nina Las Vegas, Sinden, Chairlift etc) - how did these remixes/ collaborations come about?

It's been awesome. I met Nina after being featured on triple j Unearthed and she reviewed one of my tracks. We met soon after and became friends.


With Sinden, he was out here doing a DJ tour and EMI set up some studio time for us to work together as they have been supporting my music since they found me on MySpace when I was 17, crazy!

Then with Chairlift, I toured with them back in February last year and became friends with them. (Dream come true, right?) I love their new album, Something, so I asked them if I could do a remix and they liked my music and said Yes. So I remixed Turning and they loved it.

It wasn't officially released or anything but they posted it up on their social networks and have been giving it some love.

I've read about how you made the sound at the start of Ready - singing The Cordettes, Lollypop - are there any other secret sounds in your songs?

I love to play around with samples, it makes the songwriting process so much fun. I use samples in all of my tracks. Actually here's a cheeky one - in my Foreign Language remix for Flight Facilities I sampled an orgasmic moan (laughs). I cut it up in a way so that it's tasteful and not obvious at all, but that's the fun part about sampling.

For my track Throw Me To The Stars, I sampled Al Bowlly's track Guilty from the 1930s which worked well.

Your outfits on stage are always fantastic! Sunday Safari has a bit of an animal theme - will your outfit be influenced by the safari atmosphere?

Thank you! I love to dress up. Oops, I haven't planned a 'safari' outfit for Sunday! I better get cracking.

Elizabeth Rose plays Sunday Safari at the Beach Hotel on Sunday, 8pm. Tickets $23.50 presale.

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