Rock throwers strike again

A FISH delivery could have been the last supper for a Drake woman after her car was attacked by youths throwing rocks on Good Friday.

The direct hit by two rocks smashed the car windscreen directly in front of driver Lena Donovan at Tabulam and could have killed her, the woman’s angry partner said yesterday.

Steve Wade and Ms Donovan were driving on the Bruxner Highway through a road cutting near the Tabulam Reserve Mission about 2.30pm when their car was struck by the large rocks.

“We were taking fish to friends for Good Friday,” Mr Wade said.

“We were driving on the highway when the next thing there was a big loud noise and the windscreen shattered in two places.

“If the rocks had gone through the windscreen or her open side window it could have killed her.

“This has been happening a lot to people at Drake and needs to be stopped before someone is seriously injured or killed.

“I know one couple whose windscreen has been smashed there twice now.”

Mr Wade said he saw six or seven youths at the top of the embankment.

He got out of the damaged car and chased them on to the reserve.

Mr Wade said he and his partner, who was an ‘aunty’ to people at the reserve, then spoke to Aboriginal elder Aunty Annabel and her husband, Pastor Uncle Harry, about the attack.

Mr Wade said the elders also saw the youths running through the community before ‘splitting up’ and going into trees and undergrowth.

Distressed by the attack, Mr Wade said he went to Tabulam police to lodge an official complaint.

However, there had been no police on duty and the emergency station phone connected him to Lismore police station.

He had since spoke to a Tabulam police officer about the problem.

Mr Wade said police, senior elders at the reserve and Tenterfield Shire Council had to do something quickly to ensure an end to the dangerous practice to avert a possible tragedy.

“The hill above the road cutting must be closed off,” he said.

“They are bored kids doing this and they could kill someone.”

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