Roads, fuel prices could sway voters

ROAD conditions and fuel prices could decide which party wins on the day in the Page electorate.

A Newspoll survey commissioned by NRMA Motoring Services has found the roads policies of the major parties are an important voting issue for 91 per cent of voters. A further 86pc rated fuel prices a key concern.

Voters rated roads as being more important than education, climate change and taxation. More than two-thirds (68pc) of Page voters agreed poor surfaces were the main concern in relation to local roads, while 69pc thought the Government has not invested enough in roads.

NRMA president Wendy Machin said with 53pc of those surveyed in Page undecided on how they would vote, the seat was still up for grabs.

She said voters also flagged the need to tackle poor road surfaces as a major vote-winning issue.

The Newspoll/NRMA surveyalso found 77pc of voters wanted the Government to end Australia's dependence on imported oil, and secure the nation's transport energy future with biofuels and other renewable sources like electricity and hydrogen.

There was overwhelming support (76pc) for the Government to work with the private sector to support the development of theseindustries.

Federal Page MP Janelle Saffin said the Government was investing a record $3.1 billion in upgrading the Pacific Highway, more than double what the Coalition spent on the highway in its 12 years in office.

She said there also had been record investment in local road funding for the five local councils in Page through the Roads to Recovery and Black Spot programs under this Government.

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