Road rage on rise, if you didn't #*@ know!

NORTH Coast drivers don't hold back when it comes to letting other drivers know just how they are feeling on the road.

However, according to a new report on road rage released this week by insurer AAMI, they are not so different from drivers across Australia.

The report found road rage was on the rise and horn-blowing, tailgating and verbal abuse were its most common forms.

Cyril Wilson of Casino taught people to drive on North Coast roads for 18 years.

Sadly, road rage is getting worse and impatience is to blame, said Mr Wilson, who retired only two weeks ago.

“Everybody wants to get there yesterday,” he said.

Mr Wilson, who spent about 80 hours a week on the road, said horn beeping was the most frequent form of road rage on the North Coast. Tailgating was another regular occurrence.

“I was probably getting beeped about five or six times a week.” he said.

“I've lost count of the number of times I've been tailgated.”

Much of the abuse happened at roundabouts.

“People don't know how to use them properly - they're always cutting each other off,” he said.

Mr Wilson said people had made rude gestures at him and his driving students.

“They should remember they went through that stage (learning to drive) themselves,” he said.

On one occasion, while Mr Wilson was teaching a young woman to do a parallel park, an irate driver got out of his car and abused them.

“He said learner drivers thought they owned the road,” Mr Wilson said.

“You should have heard the language.

“Drivers need to calm down.”

Mr Wilson said he taught all his students about the three 'I's of driving: Impatience, ignorance and idiots.

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