Road rage more the norm

IF you’ve ever been tailgated, got the finger or been followed home, you’re not alone.

According to new research, road rage is rampant across NSW, including in regional areas.

A survey commissioned by insurance company GIO has found 86% of motorists believe aggression is increasing on the road, and that this aggression is spilling over into road-rage incidents.

Eighty-five percent of NSW drivers surveyed said they had experienced road rage in some form in the past 12 months.

In regional NSW, 72% said they had been gestured at rudely, 58% had been tailgated, 25% had been followed home, and 14% had been driven off the road.

A further 3% had had their car damaged and 2% had been physically assaulted.

“This means thousands of NSW drivers have been put at physical risk during one of these incidents,” Mr Taylor said

Most of survey respondents put the rising aggression on the roads down to traffic congestion, a notion backed by East Ballina man Adam Wilcox.

Mr Wilcox said he regularly witnessed road-rage incidents in the often-congested Byron Bay.

“There’s one way in and one way out and 1.5 million visitors a year. It can be slow going and people get frustrated,” he said.

Lindsey Kakuno of Byron Bay said she has been the victim of road rage while in a traffic queue on Ewingsdale Rd.

“There was a big gap, so we pulled into it. A crazy Byron local swerved in front of us, got out of the car, bashed on the window and abused us.”

Theft of car-park spaces was the other big source of road rage.

Figures were generally consistent across the country, with the exception of Brisbane, NT and the ACT.

In what many will see as confirmation of their prejudice against Queensland drivers, a massive 95% of Brisbane motorists reported experiencing road rage of some sort, with 19% more reporting they’ve been deliberately tailgated, compared with NSW drivers.


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