NSW road penalties to get tougher

THIS year's holiday period will be the target of the longest police holiday high visibility enforcement operation in history.

Operation Arrive Alive started at midnight and will run until January 28 with record numbers of police on NSW roads during the six-week period to help drive down the already inflated NSW road toll.

Double demerits will only apply from December 24-January 3 and from January 22-26 and there will be a high-visibility police presence on the roads in between these periods.

With a new drug driving campaign and harsher mobile phone penalties announced just weeks ago, Deputy Premier Troy Grant reminded drivers that risky and illegal driving behaviour won't be tolerated.

"As summer parties get into full swing, we need people to remember there's no place for silly behaviour on our roads," he said.

"We need everyone to play their part, when you put your car into gear put your brain into gear, stay off mobile phones, stick to the speed limit, avoid driving tired and obey the road rules.

"During the Christmas double demerits period, you'll lose six points for a single mobile phone offence. The penalties will then get tougher in the new year, and from the Australia Day break, you'll incur eight points."

More than 400 vehicles and 1300 highway patrol officers will be on NSW roads during the operation.

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