Rivertown Times greets digital era

YOU can now get your fix of local news each fortnight online.

The Rivertown Times has gone digital, with stories from each issue now being published on the World Wide Web.

"It's exciting to be bringing our little community newspaper into the 21st century," editor Samantha Elley said.

"Having the Rivertown Times online means locals will be able to read about what's happening in the Lower Richmond even if they haven't been able to pick up a free copy of the paper or aren't in the area."

Reader "steve2473" from Evans Head has already made use of the interactivity of the site posting a comment on our story last issue on the amalgamation of the Evans Head and Woodburn Bowling Clubs.

"This is great news. It will be full steam ahead now for both clubs... you beauty!!!," steve2473 said of the move.

"BigBunny" of Lismore and "briwilmul" of Ballina also took the opportunity to comment on our story on the economic benefits for Broadwater of the opening of the Ballina bypass.

"Broadwater and Wardell are real accident and traffic-congestion hot-spots at the moment," BigBunny said.

"While I hope entrepreneurs and owners of businesses in Broadwater and Wardell 'make hay while the sun shines', remember that these villages will also be by-passed in the near future.

"Then the boot will be on the other foot and the local wailing will start against the 'wicked' RTA."

"briwilmul" too was not as impressed as Broadwater shopkeepers about the bypass boon.

"Wait until the BP Service Centre is opened at the Teven Interchange in Ballina, then the tourists will be stopping there rather than Broadwater/Wardell," briwilmul said.

Visit us at www.rivertowntimes.com.au and while you're there, check out some of the news from the rest of the North Coast provided by our parent newspaper The Northern Star.

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