A right royal situation - but at whose cost?

EVER since the first Baby Boomer dropped their first tab of acid, it seems every generation has complained about not understanding their children.

The parents of the boomers bemoaned their children’s free love and LSD culture.

Then it was the turn of Generation X to be slammed for their cynicism and obsession with ecstasy.
Now it is the turn of Generation Y. They are rapped over the knuckles for drinking far beyond their capacity to handle alcohol, of becoming violent and causing mayhem on our streets.

There is no doubt many of us would, and do, cross the road when we see a pack of drunken young people coming towards us.

But is it really as simple as blaming young people for the actions, or do parents and society need to shoulder some of the blame?

Scientific research has shown that the human brain does not fully develop, that is mature, until the mid-20s, yet we expect even 14 year olds to behave like adults.

To be frank, it’s not about drinking. Many of today’s adults got drunk before they turned 18, yet they didn’t hunt in packs searching for vulnerable victims, nor did they steal or destroy the property of others en masse.

It seems to me that in doting on our Gen Y ‘princesses’ and ‘princes’ - telling them that the world belongs to them - we have rightly instilled them with the concept of their rights, but have forgotten to teach them that with rights come responsibilities.

We tell them to demand respect, but neglect to explain respect has to be earned and mutually given; that first they must respect themselves and not behave like pathetic fools.

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