No helmet leads to drug charges

LOUIS CALVERT was merrily pedalling his bicycle along Molesworth Street without a safety helmet on his head when vigilant Lismore police noticed the elderly gent also had a bit of a wobble.

Observing him ‘swerving all over the road’ the officers said he nearly caused a collision with a driver, so they tried to stop him.

Instead Calvert, 60, of McKenzie Street, Lismore, foul-mouthed the officers in their patrol car, who could only watch when he fell off his bicycle further down the street.

Police facts before the Lismore Local Court stated Calvert got up and was unsteady on his feet, needing the help of the officers to balance. A paper bag he held was torn and inside police saw green vegetable matter which turned out to be cannabis.

A search revealed a bottle of liquid that Calvert told police was methadone.

Calvert represented himself in court on Monday, telling Magistrate Robyn Denes he preferred to be known as Aaron Alexander before handing her his submission on the matter, saying that was all he wanted to say.

He pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited drug (cannabis) on December 14 last year; and possession of a restricted substance (methadone).

Ms Denes told Calvert he had an appalling criminal record that included two offences of driving when unlicensed and driving in manner dangerous.

In 1992 he served jail time for a culpable drink-driving offence causing death.

Ms Denes said after reading his submission noted that he was riding to the chemist to get medication for his son’s future wife.

Ms Denes fined Calvert $100 for the cannabis and gave him a bond on the methadone offence.

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