BILL McInerney and Mick Koellner are two knock about Aussie blokes with big hearts, a competitive streak and plenty of intestinal fortitude.

On Saturday night at the

Summerland Drags in Casino the pair will eye each other off before the Christmas tree lights signal the start to a drag race with a difference.

One that will surely ignite belly laughs in the stands, at the canteen and in the bar.

Mick is more than 100kg and Bill about 90 and their chariots are 110cc ex Postie bikes, with a top speed of 80kmh.

So over the eighth of a mile course there won't be smoking tyres or the need for a chute to slow them down at the end.

The exercise is all about public awareness of the Pelicans on Posties journey 20 madmen will undertake on July 20.

Ballina to Darwin in 15 days - 3660km - on Postie bikes for a day at the races.

But why the drag race and the ride to Darwin?

"We want people to know what Pelicans are all about," Bill said.

"Mick thinks his bike is faster than this little baby, but he hasn't seen this one out on the road yet."

It was all smoke and mirrors, no comment, ducking and weaving when asked about their finely tuned flying machines.

"We'll find out on Saturday at the drags whose tweaked the most," Bill said. "No doubt there'll be a Pelican fine for the one who has tweaked the most."

POP's aim is to raise more than $100,000 for Ballina's Biala Special School and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

"If we are going to ride these things to Darwin we may as well make a difference in our community," Bill said.

Go to to hear the full interview with Bill and Mick.

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