Richmond Valley Council vision: Have your say

RESIDENTS of Richmond Valley Council are invited to have their say on council's draft 2013-2017 Delivery Program and 2015-2016 Operational Plan, including 2015/2019 Financial Estimates, Revenue Policy and 10-year Long Term Financial Plan.

The document will be on public exhibition for the next 28 days, and submissions from the community on their content are most welcome.

The documents provide the detail around how Council will deliver the community's vision, as set out in the Community Strategic Plan - Richmond Valley Towards 2025.

General Manager John Walker said Council was accountable to the community for the actions undertaken in delivering programs, therefore, regular reporting on resource planning and delivery of services and facilities was essential.

Mr Walker said reviewing the documents annually ensured all Council plans, projects, activities and funding allocations were directly linked to the Delivery Program and Operational Plan, and the supporting assets planning, long-term financials, and workforce strategies.

He said in framing the budget this year, the delivery of a forecast surplus had been considered essential, as the Council needed to deliver successive surplus budgets at least over the four-year Delivery Program.

"Over the past four years, Richmond Valley Council has acted to address its financial situation and the delivery of better services," Mr Walker said.

"This has laid the foundation for an organisation which will be sustainable into the future, and a community which will be vibrant and motivated in line with the Community Strategic Plan.

"In essence, Council acted early, made tough decisions, and as a result has placed the organisation in a better position to tackle the challenges which lay ahead."

Mr Walker said achieving ongoing financial sustainability would require constant change and improvement to how Council did business.

He said the changes made to date would be built upon and there would be a need for further service level reviews, productivity gains and some tough decisions on priorities.

For more information, or to see the documents, click here.

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