REVEALED: Casino cannabis facility will be 20% bigger

Plans are progressing for a $100 million medical cannabis facility at Casino.
Plans are progressing for a $100 million medical cannabis facility at Casino. Bill North

THREE applications lodged with the Australian Office of Drug control have revealed the proposal for a major medical cannabis facility at Casino will now be 20 per cent bigger than it was first announced.

PUF Ventures Australia has filed three applications with the Australian Office of Drug Control for the cultivation, production and manufacture of cannabis in the Richmond Valley.

The applications, if successful, will allow PUF Ventures Australia to take cannabis from seed to finished product.

PUF Ventures Australia chief executive, Michael Horsfall, has also announced that, after further analysis, the greenhouse and extraction facility will be 1.2 million square feet in area, 20% larger than first announced.

"The Northern Rivers Project is working with experts in Australasia and Canada in support of the application with the Australian government," he said.

"We fully expect our application to be successful and are moving ahead with building permits, infrastructure, and other applications to support the Northern Rivers Joint Venture Project.

"We have assembled a world-class team in Australia and Canada who are committed to building the largest medical cannabis project in the southern hemisphere.

"I am also pleased to announce that we have increased the overall scale of the project by approximately 20%, as we see the demand in Australia and the potential of exporting cannabis products growing exponentially."

President and chief executive of the PUF, Derek Ivany, said he was "very impressed" with how fast the project was moving forward.

He hoped to see the first crop planted in late 2018.

"The scope of the Northern Rivers project is impressive and the support from local authorities has been incredible," he said.

"As we continue to focus on becoming a licensed producer in Canada, we are also aggressively pursuing other opportunities like Natures Hemp in Canada and the Northern Rivers project in Australia."

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