Retirees ready to work again

Art Beavis of Silver Temp runs an employment agency that specialises in getting retirees back into the workforce.
Art Beavis of Silver Temp runs an employment agency that specialises in getting retirees back into the workforce. Jay Cronan

ONCE Australians dreamt of retiring to endless days on the golf course or roaming this broad, brown land as grey nomads.

But now our retirees are lining up to return to work ... on a part-time or casual basis.

Lismore-retiree, Art Beavis, said he has been prompted to set up a job agency for seniors on the North Coast after hearing his friends’ laments about the lack of work.

“Someone even told me that retirement was boring them to tears,” Mr Beavis said.

He established his agency, Silver Temp, in November and 50 retirees seeking work have signed with him.

This week he is finalising the first two placements for retirees re-entering the workforce.

While the global financial downturn has seen many retirees’ super funds shrink, Mr Beavis said most of his clients want to work because it kept them busy and social.

“When I first retired I balanced my life with two days work, two days golf,” the former marketing manager said.

“And friends told me they wished they could do that and I asked what the problem was.”

Mr Beavis said he soon learnt that most employment agencies are not rewarded by the government for getting retirees working.

Their goal is to get the unemployed out of dole queues, he said.

On his books he has people with experience in administration, IT, bookkeeping, copy writing, real estate, hospitality, production, warehousing, even staff training.

Mr Beavis said too often when employers needed extra staff they opted to put on a junior because they could not afford an experienced person.

Instead he wants them to consider hiring an older person on a part-time basis.

“These people are going to give you a better day’s work for a better day’s pay because they are really interested in being there,” he said.

“They have a strong work ethic.”

Mr Beavis said he was keen to hear from local tradespeople who needed someone to help get their books together.

Ironically the time it takes to run the agency has ended Mr Beavis’ retirement.

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