Woman doesn't get second rebate

AN ALSTONVILLE retiree is seeing red after the Federal Government refused to pay her a $1000 rebate for insulating a second home.

Margaret Godfrey and her husband had their two homes, one in Alstonville and one in Ballina, insulated last year.

They applied for a rebate under the Federal Government’s now cancelled home insulation scheme through the Energy Efficient Homes Package.

“The work was carried out in May last year and I sent off both applications to the Dep- artment of the Environment at the same time, in the same envelope,” she said.

“I used Bradford Batts and they did a good job so I’ve got no complaints there.

“I was paid the rebate for the first insulation job, but not for the second one.”

“I made plenty of phone calls, but they said they couldn’t locate it and kept fobbing me off.

“Then they said they never received it.

“I know I sent it because I went down to the post office and got a big enough envelope to fit both applications in.

“Then I received a phone call telling me they weren’t going to pay.”

Mrs Godfrey believes she is the victim of a bureaucratic bungle that delayed her application past the cut-off time for receiving a rebate.

She then resubmitted another application last Nov- ember with the help of Federal Page MP Janelle Saffin’s office.

But by then the six-month deadline had passed.

She now feels she is caught between a rock and a hard place.

“The department says they never got it, but I posted both in the same envelope,” she said.

“They couldn’t have got one and not the other.”

Mrs Godfrey said she rang them 10 or 12 times before she went to Janelle Saffin’s office.

“I felt like I was getting nowhere,” she said.

“I waited a couple of weeks after posting the second app- lication and then rang them all the time.”

A spokeswomen for Ms Saffin’s office said she was still trying to get payment for Mrs Godfrey, but the department had informed her that ‘the correct paperwork had not been sent’.

“The department believes the paperwork was never sent so it’s a difficult situation,” she said.

“We’ve done what we can and we’re waiting to hear back.”

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