Residents blame road for woman's death

RESIDENTS in the street where a woman was hit by a ute and fatally injured last week say it was only a matter of time.

The 55-year-old woman was struck by the ute while walking in Donnans Rd in Lismore Heights on Friday morning and died at Lismore Base Hospital soon after.

Paul Moretti, 44, grew up in a house on Donnans Rd just metres from where the woman was fatally injured and, as his mother still lives there, went to visit her on Friday only to find police analysing an accident scene.

"I have to say it didn't surprise me," he said. "Whether it was a car crash or someone getting hit on the road, it was going to happen eventually and it did."

Mr Moretti said the road, which has no footpath and has not been upgraded for decades, struggles to sustain a heavy flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

"Kids come down here via bike and foot and the buses drop kids off right on the edge of the road because there are no bus stops," he said.

"It has to be widened; it has to have a footpath and maybe a protective barrier on the corners."

Council previously put zebra signs up on the notorious corner to alert drivers to slow down.

However, Mr Moretti's brother, Andre, 39, claimed most drivers ignore them.

"The main reason we've had cars and motorbikes end up in our front yard is because people don't realise how sharp the corner really is," he said.

He recalled 10 accidents which had occurred near the corner in the past five years.

"We had a car in the front yard, a car over here, a motorbike come and slam onto our driveway and a car wrapped itself around a tree at the bottom of the stairs down here," he said.

"The come screaming up the road and come straight off."

Lismore City Council mayor Jenny Dowell declined to comment on the condition of the road but expressed sympathy to the family of the woman who was killed.

"The accident is a tragedy and my first response is great sympathy for the woman's family," she said.

"We will leave it up to the police to find out what happened."

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