Relatively Speaking in Evans Head

IT’S not often a pair of slippers holds so much intrigue.

That, however, is the case in the latest production of The Village Players, based in Evans Head.

Relatively Speaking is a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn set in England in the 1960s when the fabric of social life was being questioned and new rules were being established.

Greg and Ginny are living together, but Greg is becoming somewhat suspicious that he is not the only man in Ginny’s life.

While telephone calls with no one at the end of the line, a drawer full of chocolates and endless deliveries of flowers stir his curiosity, it’s the discovery of a pair of men’s slippers, too large for Greg’s feet, that send him into action.

He decides to follow Ginny when she says she is going to see her parents, not realising what he is getting himself into.

And then....there are the slippers.

Director Su Dorland is excited at how the production has taken shape.

“The fact that the people in the area are giving so much makes me feel very proud of our community spirit,” she said.

“We have a multi-talented crew doing make-up, costumes, set design, painting and dressing, sound, lighting, front-of-house, canteen, props and publicity and so much more.”

Actor Erryn Peterkin has found playing the part of Ginny plenty of fun.

“I get a chance to play a younger woman who likes to have a bit of fun on the side,” she laughed.

Erryn’s brother-in-law Phillip Peterkin plays her partner Greg and she has found that a touch bizarre.

“We are very close though, so that has helped, especially in some of the ‘intimate’ moments on stage.”

Being a part of the production has been a great experience for Phillip Peterkin, too.

“Just to be able to do all the things I enjoy, like painting the set, audio/sound engineering and, of course, acting, is great,” he said.

“Greg is a perfect reflection of me, a complete d***head.

“He thinks he’s some sort of ‘healer’ who can fix everything.”

Evans Head’s physiotherapist, Leslie Carroll plays the long-suffering wife Sheila of Ginny’s lover Philip and finds her character a challenge.

“I don’t like her as she is so not like me,” Leslie laughed.

“I think she’s a bit thick, as even though she’s tolerated her husband’s unfaithfulness, she wants to be nice to everyone.”

And so the scene is set for opening night tomorrow night.

Performances will be held at Evans River K to 12 School, Cypress Street, Evans Head, tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday; Friday, April 23, and Saturday, April 24.

Evening performances start at 7.30pm and matinees (April 18 and 24) at 2.30pm. Tickets $15, $13.50 for Village Players’ members available from Evans Head Bowling Club or at the door (if available).

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