Nathan Rees
Nathan Rees

Rees is full of bull

PREMIER Nathan Rees has again refused to apologise to the people on the North Coast for labelling those who voted for National Party MPs as ‘spivs’.

In a letter to The Northern Star, the Premier defended his comments and accused his opponents of ‘deliberately misrepresenting’ them.

“You know you have hit a raw never (sic) when your political opponents deliberately misrepresent your public comments,” the letter said.

Mr Rees caused a furore when, answering a question about political donations, he told journalists in
Sydney that National MPs only represented ‘spivs’ along the coastline of NSW.

A spiv is a person who lives by their wits without working, or by dubious business activities.

By Wednesday, Mr Rees was trying to hose down the controversy, telling Sydney media that he would apologise if anyone was offended.

However, in a separate statement prepared for The Northern Star the same day, the Premier failed to repeat the offer, even though letters and comments from readers published yesterday clearly show

North Coast residents have taken offence.

Don Page, who has been the National Party member for Ballina for 21 years, rejected the Premier’s latest attempt to quell the growing anger.

“It’s an insulting term to use to describe people as spivs who are good citizens of the North Coast. It’s a very unbecoming comment from any person in leadership to make,” Mr Page said.

“The fact is we represent a large cross-section of people on the North Coast that is demonstratively true by the votes we get.”

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