Ecobling in Nepal
Ecobling in Nepal Benny Jewell Photography

Rebuilding Nepal from rubble - great Weekend reading

IN A remote Nepalese village that could only be reached by foot, past scars in the mountainside from landslides following the devastating 2015 earthquakes, all eyes were on Katie Johnston as she started to chisel the chunk of red clay that had once been a house brick.

A social entrepreneur, Katie formulated a long-term plan to help the Nepalese who had lost everything in the natural disaster.

From the rubble of their homes, community members in Nepal are making clay beads that Katie will sell so she can pay her own wages, and pay the Nepalese above-average wages so they can more quickly rebuild their homes and their lives.

In Saturday's Northern Star, read more about social enterprises.

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Speaking of theatre, Seanna Cronin chats to former Split Enz frontman Tim Finn about his involvement in a musical, and pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons challenges us to take a stand at work (and no, not against the boss).

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