Do you think cats should be indoor-only pets?
Do you think cats should be indoor-only pets? John McCutcheon

'Save the native wildlife over cats any day': YOUR SAY

THE majority of Facebook readers of The Northern Star have said they agree with calls for cats to be kept indoors at all times.

When we asked on Wednesday night for readers to vote whether cats should locked indoors, for the sake of local wildlife, the overwhelming majority said yes to the suggestion - even those with cats themselves.

"We have a 'catio' so our cat can go in and out as pleases," Karen Boyd said.

"If anything goes inside her area, well it's fair game (moths). What bothers me is that while our cat is in her catio at night other cats come and attack her.

"Many a time I'm out at 2am throwing rocks to get rid of the other cat."

Sammy Kelly agreed with the idea of a cat enclosure.

"They should be locked in at all times. If you want them to be able to go outside then you should get outdoor cat enclosures built. It prevents cats being on the road where they love to lay in the sun, and prevents dogs attacking them and yes, wildlife being killed. I love cats, but they need to be indoors," she said.

"Yes. I think people need to make a choice whether they really HAVE to have cats and dogs and if so be responsible pet owners. The future of Australian wildlife hangs in the balance and we need to honour their right to belong here," Susannah French said.

"Cats aren't native. Save the native wildlife over cats any day of the week," Uri Sturridge said.

"Cats will kill wildlife day or night. My 2 boys adjusted to an indoor life. People are only against it because they don't want to clean litter trays," Jessica Mills said.

"Absolutely. Hate neighbours cats prowling my yard, walking on my car, pooping in my veggie garden and killing the wildlife," Susan Bridgedoctor said.

Catherine Trevillien, Samantha Hambly and Tony Martin all said that their cats were indoor cats for the safety of their cats themselves and other animals. Yes, and I'm a cat owner of two indoor cats

Others agreed with the idea of being indoors for most of the time, but not 24/7.

"We own a cat and it only coms out the back when were out there, so we can keep an eye on him. I believe pet owners should be held accountable for their animals doings," Craig Greaves said.

"I think a lot of humans should be locked inside all the time but I do agree cats should be locked inside and let out under supervision bit sad to be locked up 24/7 though," Coral McFadyen said.

"Definitely at night. My partner and I used to wake up to cats screaming and fighting right outside our bedroom window (huge glass window very close to our bed). First time it happened it gave me the fright of my life. Used to set off the dogs too," Samantha Holmlund said.

However others didn't like the idea of cats being locked up.

"No. Just at night as that's when cats do most of their exploration. Cats are free spirits and it's not easy to keep them indoors," Lee Jackson said.

"Depends on the cat. We have had ours for 2-3 years and he has only caught 2 birds (one was alive and saved) and no lizards or other wildlife. We have a bandicoot and possums that come in the front door and birds that visited our veranda in plain view and he does nothing. He absolutely decimates rats and mice but which is a plus for everyone. If your cat is hassling and killing wildlife fair enough to keep it inside at all times but if it's not then it's not fair to be locked away," Danielle Aafjes said.

"No. It's unnatural for any animal to be confined like that, just as much as humans. HOWEVER, pet owners need to be responsible with their pets, especially for their own safety - people do horrible things to animals. Every area and situation is unique; rural and urban areas have different needs and different threats," Andrastes Hare said.

Harley Nelson suggested the use of bells on the collars of cats to keep them from attacking wildlife.

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