Post-natal and obstetric care is becoming a concern for the experts and readers get to have their say.
Post-natal and obstetric care is becoming a concern for the experts and readers get to have their say. Leigh Jensen

Readers respond to letter damning admin of Lismore Base

OUR recent publication of obstetrician Dr Glenn Taylor’s letter damning the administration of Lismore Base Hospital has received plenty of feedback from you, our readers.

Dr Taylor wrote how disappointed the general public should be with the administration at Lismore Base Hospital and the management by politicians of the facilities for women requiring obstetric and/or gynaecological care at LBH.

“The administration and politicians are advocating continued utilisation of the limited, inadequate shared old ward space,” he wrote.

“They want to push the agenda of early and earlier post-natal discharge, they can then reduce beds and the nursing staff required.”

Dr Taylor asked if people believed when the hospital upgrade, to be finished at the end of 2017, will include adequate facilities for inpatient and post-natal obstetric and gynaecological patients.

Our readers responded with a vengeance.

Ashleigh Eliza

Had we been able to stay after the birth of my son then the 13% of birth weight loss he experienced and severe dehydration would have been picked up much sooner than five days post birth.

Getting through the birth is one thing but getting through those early days is another and there just isn't enough after birth follow up or support.

Mary Klich

I think it is very important that mothers have time to recover, establish feeding with support, bond with their babies, and feel ready, before they leave hospital.

Hannah Lea

The initial days after birth are imperative to mother-baby bonding. Hormones are running hot, your body is often fatigued and in some cases women are in a trauma state.

Samantha Hambly

Wow I had the exact opposite experience last year when I had my bubs.

All staff were extremely kind and helpful and there was no pressure to leave, I stayed three days and could have stayed longer if wished, I have nothing but praise for them.

Whatever the experience of mums in the Northern Rivers, it’s obvious that local obstetric and post-natal care has become a concern even for the experts.

Elizabeth Brodie

Mothers and babies being quickly ushered out of hospital early is not unique to just LBH.

I was pressed by my delivering midwife at Mater hospital in Brisbane this time last year to leave within two hours of me having our son.

Ashley Kealy

When I had my first born I stayed 2 nights when I had my second I stayed 1 night. I know now it was the wrong thing to do and with my babies I should have stayed at least 3 nights.

Jane Cooper

It's not the nurses and midwives fault if you need to blame anyone it's the government. It's disgusting the way we are being treated in such an affluent country.

Alexandra Katsche

I hope for the sake of the expectant mothers and wonderful midwives of the LBH, that we can literally breathe easier knowing that we can have a fully functioning and functional Womens Care Unit, (again), with sufficient beds and private rooms to cater for our forever growing region.

Rebecca Heywood

Thank you Dr Taylor for voicing your opinion and putting a light onto what's happening at LBH. You are a amazing and very dedicated obstetrician with high standards and its a shame that LBH is letting everyone down including yourself.

Marissa Green

100% agree with Dr Taylor. This is exactly one of the reasons why we went to John Flynn!!

Lisa Bradfield

I have had all three of my children at LBH through Dr Steele (2011,2013,2015) and yes the wards have been busy, yes for a while I had to use a shared bathroom, after surgery and with a catheter bag in hand, down the main corridor where visitors were coming and going all day, and yes I had to share a single room with another mother, BUT all of the staff were amazing and supportive and were stretched to the limits and were doing the best they were able to under the circumstances.

Rach Besseling

Absolutely barbaric!!! Not only are they trying to push new mothers out the door quickly with 'home care', or the lack of private rooms. They expect 4 mothers and 4 babies to share a room and be able to get some 'rest'. Disgusted with our local services but very lucky to be in a position to use John Flynn for my 1st born and future babies now for that matter.

Lianne Penfold

I had my first two babies at Royal Women's Brisbane - eight mothers and babes to a ward with curtains around the bed the only privacy and a shared bathroom for all. Have to say I'm reluctant to even book into LBH for my 6th Bub due in March simply due to physical accessibility. Had my 5th Bub there almost two years ago and was extremely impressed with the private rooms etc. Women should not be rushed home in any case but having to share space isn't the end of the world - you'll be home in your own sanctuary soon enough.

Shanayn Sky

I have had five babies at Lismore Base and never ever been pressured to leave. I had to beg to leave the day after. I am looking forward to having this bub there in April. Don’t have a bad word to say about the place.

Allysha Le Page

I gave birth to my daughter there less than two weeks ago. I wanted to go home straight after her birth but they were worried about me so made me stay.

Lara Kennedy

I have had two great experiences with staff at LBH. One natural birth and one ceaser. Stayed for 3 days after first and four days after 2nd. Due again in June this year but I can honestly say I am nervous this go around and hope I am not expected to leave especially if I need another Ceasarian.

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