Special 5% rate rise at Kyogle

KYOGLE Council will seek a special rate increase following a decision at an extraordinary council meeting on Monday.

Council’s general manager Arthur Piggott said the council wanted to use a special rate of 5 per cent to replace the existing stormwater and flood management charge applied to some properties.

The council decided in December to look at ways to raise $220,000 a year for stormwater and flood management works.

“A number of complaints and issues were raised in relation to the stormwater and flood management in the area,” he said.

“We identified a range of works that will need to be done which we expect to cost $220,000.”

The new rate, if approved, will potentially raise $120,000 a year.

“The charge will be made up of a 50 per cent base rate and a 50 per cent ad valorem amount (based on property values),” Mr Piggott said.

“This will mainly affect the higher valued property in the surrounding towns and villages.”

Council currently charges a $25 stormwater management charge which raises around $45,000 a year.

If the special rate is approved, the council has projected it will be able to raise $120,000 each year..

“Council agreed that to apply to raise the full amount would be too large an impost for the ratepayers,” Mr Piggott said.

If approved, the special rate will be included in the Draft Management Plan which will then go out for public consultation.

Kyogle resident Michael Brooks, who lives in the affected area, is philosophical.

“Kyogle has such a small ratepayer base and we have an aging infrastructure,” he said.

“It’s quite painful but ,until they amalgamate the council areas, I can’t see how we will avoid increasing rates.”

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