Rape victim's claims don't tally

THE alleged victim of a six-hour sex attack by a man she had given a home was subject to a rigorous cross examination by his lawyer in the third day of his trial in the Lismore District Court yesterday.

Troy Edwards is defending the man, 45, who is charged with assault with an act of indecency; recklessly causing grievous bodily harm; and threatening to inflict bodily harm with intent to have sexual intercourse.

Mr Edwards claimed there were many inconsistencies in the woman’s story, which she had provided in two police interviews at the time of the alleged crimes in January 2008, as well as during a committal hearing a year later and to the jury in the current trial.

He suggested to her that she had had many personal conversations with the man about her problems with her ex-partner, her withdrawals from methadone, and the fact she was to go into Riverlands detox clinic on January 28.

She denied the man had been supportive in all these areas.

She also said it was untrue that at the time she drank excessively every day.

When Mr Edwards pointed out that she had told a mental health worker at the time that it was normal for her to drink wine and rum daily until she passed out, the woman replied that it was ‘just a turn of phrase’.

She denied his suggestion that the events of January 19 and 20 occurred after she had been drinking all day, and at a time when the man had told her he wanted to separate from her and sleep in another room in the house.

Mr Edwards’ claims the accused had cooked her a meal on the evening in question and had been watching television when she badgered him for a tranquiliser were also untrue, she told the court.

The woman maintained there had been no conversation between them before the attack.

Mr Edwards also claimed that her statements relating to her legs being tied, to blood on her doona, to her room being ‘smashed’ by the accused, to the details of the alleged sexual assault and to two knives being used, did not tally.

She had changed much of her story in the light of later police evidence which showed it to be false, he said.

The woman repeatedly said she had been in shock when she talked to the police and that she couldn’t remember details.

The trial resumes on Tuesday.

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