Rangers keen to keep winning

ROUS Rangers will be keen to keep their winning streak intact when they take on Byron Whitesox in North Coast Open women’s softball at Albert Park, Lismore, today (4pm).

Rangers defeated rivals Lismore Workers Condors last week and will go into the game against the Byron team as favourites.

If Byron are to stay in this one they will need to it keep tight in the field and get some early runs on the board so look for Tracey Johnson and Katie Fromme in the field to put a halt to Rangers’ runs-scoring.

Rangers, known for their batting strength, will come out firing hard with the bat and with big hitters such as Chris Blizzard, Denise Simes and Cheryl Robinson they are sure to cause mayhem in the field.

Loris Gordon will be starting pitcher for Rangers, so Byron will need to be ready to swing that bat and be careful on base as the rocket arm of Jaimee Claydon will be looking to throw the runners out from behind the plate.

Byron’s Lyn King, Di West and sisters Sarah and Shannon Knapp will need to work together to motivate their side today.

In the other Open women’s game, Dodgers Devils will need to step up to the plate against Condors, who will be looking for a big improvement in the field this week after going down last week in a game marred by errors. They will need to fire with the bat and get runs on the board early if they are to get a victory here.

Devils pitcher Sonya Pope is in great form and will be working hard to contain the big Condors batters of Sam Green and Casey Renwick.

Devils are a great defensive side with Selina Atkinson, Jo Rucker and Donna Salgram working hard in the field to keep runs to a minimum.

Condors’ Carlie Walker and Vanessa Wong will be instrumental in the field, Kayleen Shailes and Kim Wraight are the power hitters for Devils. This will be a nail biter.

In the lower grades (at 2pm) Workers Wild Turkeys will clash with Woodburn M2Ms.

Woodburn registered their first win last week so they will be riding high.

Lucy Creighton and Lisa Olive will put in a big one for M2Ms while Turkeys’ Jane Brown and Simone Lowe are key players.

In the other game, Byron Redsox might just have the upper-hand over Dodger Angels, with Annalise Melene controlling the game from the mound. Emily Ross and Robyn McMahon are key players for Angels.

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