Raining names for cats and dogs

WELL it's confirmed, Northern Rivers people love their pets.

When we did a call out for unusual pet names, we received, not only the names, but some gorgeous photos of your furry friends.

Django, our Great Dane
Django, our Great Dane Brent Hall

Quirky and clever

There were quirky names such as Amaran ('cat' amaran) as this little moggy's mum Adell Shrimpton lives on a boat.

There were clever names such as Belinda Young's rescue cats, sister Miss and brother Chief, because together they are MissChief.

Classy names

Some owners preferred to give their pets a bit more class such as Chivas the mini pomeranian, named after the regal whiskey by Jan Danaher.

Even more class was Tory Dixon's now passed pet Sir Meows-a-Lot and current pet Meeko McGavin.

Famous names

Some animals were named after favourite characters such as Hermoine Granger by Nina Paull and sisters Tango and Cash by Rebecca CoffeeAddictions.

There's also Hercules the Jack Russell owned by Wendy Dahlene Johnson.

Full of character

Some animals are named for their character like Shooshy the cat as he's always meowing, according to Sally Sullivan, Fish the labrador cross who loves the pool said owner Tracey Wheeler and Misty the maltese cross who was so named as there was a light, misty rain falling the day Nicole Campbell brought her home.

Heidi-bear because she hides everything said Shannon Buckley.

Toast the dog was so named because that's how warm he was said Helen Quinlan and we'd hate to know how skinny Pancake is, Renee Walker's pet.

But let's not forget Romeo the daschund. Luna the Russian blue cat, Sylvester the Russian black cat, Shooshy the cat, Bert and Gus the staffies.

There's also Natasha Garred's miniature toy poodle Limp Biscuit, better known as Bicky.

Alcoholic names

Naming pets after alcohol is a common past-time as there is Bundy the American staffie, owned by Rachael Essery, Tequila the dog, her pup Tipsy and another pet Bacardi, according to Leah Faulkner.

Place names

Place names were popular for Tim Jolly-McBain who called his border collies Mulla, short for Cunnamulla and Chilla, short for Chinchilla.

Don't let the kids choose

Parents be warned, don't let your children name pets unless you love true creativity such as Tessa Bessa Building Block, named by Shannon Buckley's little girl or Archibald Domino Scrubbington the Ninth Esquire, so named by Rach Vincent's teenagers.

Other names included Pepper and Chilli, Marley, Mia, Gingerbread, Buddy, Red Foo, Simba and Lola, Oli, Mog and Percy, Eddy Guerrero, Moojie, Minni, Minion, Cookie, Bruiser, Rave, Thor and Loki, Jethro and Sasco.

Then there's Izzy and Fifi, Mia, Meaty, Meekah and Rocko, Luna, Basil and Zeus, Muffin, Moet, Tiger, Quack and Stinker.

Not to forget Toby, Sugar, Turbo, Tonka and Beverly the beagle.

Neon and Rainbow were also contributed along with Cadbury the chocolate Labrador, Dolli and Baci, MoonEye and Artmis.

Booker T and the MGs, John, Albi, Francesca, Paco the Dinky Dog Esquire, Boris, Billy, Django the Great Dane and finally Ulerich Der Dackel were thrown into the mix as well.

Thank you also to those who sent in their birds, rabbits, goats and sheep names.

We may have to cover those in another story.

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