Radio personality Neil Marks.
Radio personality Neil Marks. Cathy Adams

Radio host hangs up the headphones after 33 years

RADIO host Neil Marks is stepping down as host of his radio show to focus on fatherhood and motorbikes.

After 33 years of radio, many of those at 2LM and ZZZ FM, Neil said he was "too young" to retire.

Once he hangs up the headphones, he will be picking up his boots for a new job at Lismore Motorcycles.

"I'll be playing with motorbikes as opposed to playing with music," Mr Marks said.

He's come a long way since his first radio gig in 1984.

"When I first came here there was no computers so my first job was computerise the station as a music programmer," he said.

"We didn't have ZZZ in those days ... as a program manager here I got to build and design ZZZ FM so that was a great highlight.

"Doing it every day for 33 years has been a highlight and being involved in peoples lives ... to have that privileged to talk to people and be a part for their life."

There are some things to look forward to with his new job.

"I will get to live a normal lifestyle," Mr Marks said.

"After 33 years I think I've calculated 25 of those have been getting out of bed between three and four in the morning, so I'm looking forward to sleep in to at least 6 o'clock."

He said his role as a Lismore councillor wpuld not change.

"There was a great assumption that I was going to put my hand up through this National Party pre-selection," he said.

"I had planned to do that and it was part of my long-term thinking but earlier this year I started going 'no, I want some more family time'.

With kids aged from 9-25, he said he was looking forward to it.

"It's about time I started to do more for the family, so I stopped that idea and I'm happy at council making council decisions," Mr Marks said.

He said people will hear from him again, and he has his "fingers in a few little pies" to keep life interesting, but no less busy.

"I got into it (radio) all those years ago when we used to queue up records and turntables and adds were played on cartridges," he said.

"It's an ever-changing industry. It keeps your mind alive."

He will hang up the headphones on Melbourne Cup Day, Tuesday November 7.

"I want to thank all of the people who have allowed me into their lives over the past 20-something years I've had here, and the last 18 doing breakfast and getting people out of bed early in the morning, we've shared a lot," Mr Marks said.

"I want to thank people for being so forgiving and hopefully they enjoyed the journey."

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