Reverse racism claim after abuse

A FOUL-MOUTHED teenage Aboriginal girl, whose torrent of verbal abuse at white police officers has been described as ‘reverse racism’ by a Casino Children’s Court magistrate, may have to eat her words and apologise as well as do unpaid community work.

The 16-year-old pleaded guilty to separate counts of offensive behaviour involving police in incidents at Evans Head and Coraki.

Magistrate Robyn Denes told the girl to take the ‘smirk’ off her face while seated before her when the matter was being discussed because it was serious.

“It’s not funny. If a police officer called you names you would be up in arms and calling it racist,” Ms Denes said.

“Calling him a white c... is just as offensive and just as racist. Don’t sit there smirking.”

Police documents describe the girl as continuously behaving in an offensive manner when in Coraki.

She was also said to frequent the streets late at night while drunk.

When police officers went to the Coraki home she was staying at on May 19 she began yelling abuse from an upstairs balcony.

She called the officers ‘white c...s’ and told them to ‘f... off white c...s, we don’t want you here’.

As the officers left she began spitting over the balcony.

“I will spit in your face, you white c...s, just f... off, c...s,” she yelled.

She was charged with using offensive language and offensive behaviour.

At New Year’s Day celebrations in Evans Head the girl was charged with offensive behaviour.

Police said she was highly agitated, yelling threats and screaming at a woman and threatening to ‘ smash ya’. She also threatened to kill the woman.

Prosecutor Sgt Peter Costin-Neilsen said the girl’s behaviour and abuse was disturbing.

“I think it is quite serious,” he said.

“The words used connote a racist overtone and shouldn’t be acceptable in the community.”

After referring the matter to conference to set up an outcome plan, Ms Denes adjourned the case to August.

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