Mischa Rose Robbie.
Mischa Rose Robbie. Jay Cronan

Race to hospital for Mischa

WHEN Mischa Robbie is asked about her name, she will have to explain how she came to be born on a grassy area beside Meerschaum Vale Road.

The 13-day-old Wardell resident is named after her ‘birth road’.

Just before midnight on Melbourne Cup Day, her parents Todd Robbie and Veruschka Moyle were heading from Wardell to the Lismore Base Hospital.

But only four kilometres from their home Ms Moyle realised they were never going to make it to the hospital.

“I said ‘stop the car’. I knew it was going to happen,” Ms Moyle said.

“I told him: ‘Help me out of the car, it’s happening now’.”

Mr Robbie said he managed to find his fiancee’s mobile phone and called an ambulance.

But Mischa did not wait for help.

She was born 15 minutes before the ambulance was able to get there.

“I didn’t even have a torch in the car,” Mr Robbie said.

“I had to use a cigarette lighter to see what was happening.

“I was so glad it was a full moon.”

Mr Robbie said the 000 telephone operator was brilliant, advising him to stay calm and keep Ms Moyle calm.

“But in the end, I just had to chuck the phone, and explain that I couldn’t talk any more,” he said.

After the baby was born the three waited in their car for the ambulance.

“We just waited under the trees and the cows came over to have a look what was going on,” Ms Moyle said.

She said the two ambulance officers, Peter and Paul, greeted the family with: “Good, the job’s already done.”

The hospital staff also nicknamed Mr Robbie ‘midwife of the day’.

Ms Moyle said her daughter was determined to be born on Melbourne Cup Day – arriving at 11.55pm.

“She made the Melbourne Cup – by a nose,” Ms Moyle said.

Mischa is a sister to two-year-old Ashton, who was born in hospital after a 10-hour labour.

Ms Moyle said she had no warning at all her daughter would arrive in the world so quickly.

“During the day I had weak, irregular contractions,” she said.

“At 10.30pm they became pretty strong and regular, so I rang the hospital.

“But they told me not to hurry so I had a shower and got dressed, before waking Todd.”

Mr Robbie said at first he thought his fiancée might have just had heartburn after eating Indian food for dinner that night.

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