Yes, it was a little cold this morning.
Yes, it was a little cold this morning.

Queensland shivers through start of day

QUEENSLANDERS not accustomed to the cold might be forgiven for wanting to stay under the covers this morning with some temperatures near zero.

Warwick had one of the coolest starts of the day with a temp of 1.5 degrees at 6.30am and an apparent temperature of 0.5. Earlier, it was even colder with reports of sub zero temperatures for both Warwick and Oakey.

Biloela was also feeling the cold with 2.6 degrees and an apparent temperature of  0.4 at 6.40am.

In NSW, Lismore was still only 8 degrees at 7.30am, Grafton was 7, Coffs Harbour was 13 degrees and Tweed Heads 11.

If you wanted some warmth, Thursday Island in north Queensland would have been the place to be with 25.7 degrees on Wednesday morning.

Higgins Storm Chasing reported that sunny days and cool mornings will continue to be the norm across most of the country as a large blocking high pressure system remains slow moving.

Unfortunately for our farmers, this has meant little much needed rain.

Was it cold at your place this morning?

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"Morning frosts have featured most mornings along the Tablelands of NSW, the ACT and parts of Southern inland QLD due to clear night skies and light winds. These are also set to continue this week,'' Higgins reported.

Some of the coldest temperatures Higgins reported included

• Oakey -0.9C
• Warwick -0.6C
• Wellcamp AP 0.0C
• Dalby 1.5C
• Ipswich 1.5C
• Kingaroy 1.9C
• Greenbank 2.5C
• Gympie 3.1C
• Beaudesert 3.8C


Cairns 21.6 Apparent temp 19.4

Blackall 3.5  0.3

Dalby 2.5    -1.0

Oakey 1.7   -1.6

Toowoomba 11.3   6.1

Warwick 1.5  -.05

Bundaberg 11.2 7.5

Gympie 5.2   4.1

Hervey Bay 10.0   7.8

Brisbane 11.4 9.9

Gatton 6.9 3.7

Nambour 11.1  10.5

Charleville 1.8   1.4

Roma 2.4  0.3

Emerald 8.8  5.7

Applethorpe 3.5  1.4

Moranbah 5.6  2.8

Mackay  7.4   9.4

Proserpine  7.5  6.7

Gladstone 10.5  4.4

Sunshine Coast Airport  10.7  8.9

Tewantin 11.9   12.4

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