Qld teenager refused bail after deadly car crash

A QUEENSLAND teenager accused of being the driver of a car that crashed during a police pursuit, killing a passenger, was formally refused bail in Lismore Children's Court.

During the application it was revealed the 17-year-old, from near Ipswich, should not have been driving in NSW as it was in breach of his parole conditions imposed by a Queensland children's court for unrelated offences allegedly committed in that State.

His arrest followed the crash near Tenterfield on Sunday, January 18.

A young man was killed after being thrown from the early model Suzuki when it crashed into a wall.

The teenager is charged with aggravated dangerous driving causing death, two counts of aggravated driving causing grievous bodily harm, and negligent driving resulting in death.

Appearing by video link from the juvenile detention centre at Grafton, the teenager listened to bail proceedings that were conducted through his legal representative.

Police opposed the bail application citing the breach and seriousness of the offences.

His lawyer argued that it was 'a horrific accident' with the major consequence that a young person had lost his life.

He said this would be weighing heavily on the teenager's mind and that should give the court confidence he would not jump into a car (to drive) and so was unlikely to reoffend.

Magistrate Jeff Linden pointed out the charges related to an accident that happened while escaping a police pursuit, and the police fact sheet on the matter was 'horrendous'.

Mr Linden said he would be a risk to the community and refused bail.

The matter was adjourned to April 21.

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