Juke Baritone and the Swamp Dogs at Coorabell Hall Jan 6.
Juke Baritone and the Swamp Dogs at Coorabell Hall Jan 6. contributed

Q+A with Juke Baritone

JUKE Baritone is the gravel-throated villain of real and raw vaudevillian swamp blues. He has a ramble with Pulse...

Okay let's talk about that unique voice! Do you really resign yourself to a diet of whisky and cigarettes?

Sadly... yes. But I balance it out with gin and joints.

Tell me about your band The Swamp Dogs

A rascally bunch. They have the amazing ability to shape shift and change their faces. Plus they're also all zombies, which is awesome.

How was the European tour?

I kept running into German tourists who would shout out "Hey mate! Mate!" because they'd seen the band somewhere and that's one of my sing-a-long songs - and probably the only English they could speak.

I basically broke the band over there. Literally. But that was before I started balancing out the whiskey with the gin.

Your bio reads "While it may sound like a genre-clashing brand of drinking songs to the point that it's an absolute disadvantage to be sober or seated...there's a real message within the music." Explain...

I had this poet-w*****r review one of my poetry sets at a festival and he called it "obvious political poetry". 

It's better to be obvious than to be so obscure that you need a literature degree to (understand it).

I tell it like it is - in simple words - from my cold black heart. If you want a message you can make up your own mind about what it is.

If you don't, then you can just dance your ass off like everyone else.

You're described as "comprehensively in-your-face" - Do you indulge in any reclusive behavior?

I'm basically a grumpy old man.

Ever since the GFC I've spent a lot of time guarding my vegetable patch with a shotgun.

Who is your strangest influence?

In reality I don't really listen to much other music.

But there's Guy Sebastian - I mean where would I be without Guy?

Juke Baritone and the Swamp Dogs perform at Coorabell Hall Jan 6. www.kupromotions.com.au for details.

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