Fast becoming a top Australian act with their infectious beats, Sydney's indie pop rockers The Jezabels are on tour showing off their incredible first album, Prisoner. Natalee Riedel spoke to drummer Nik Kaloper.

How was it releasing your first album?
Quite a big relief. We knew having been together for so long with no full length that there were certain expectations (mainly our own) to be met. Whether we've met them or not, we're glad we have our first album under our belt and a whole new collection of songs to play to people.

Why choose to make three EPs before your first album?
We were, and to an extent still are, really slow writers. We decided it would be a good choice for us to release music when we had it, rather than disappearing for a year while we try to write an entire album.

How did you react when Mace Spray placed no. 16 in the Triple j Hottest 100?
Positively. We really weren't sure if we'd get any songs in there. We had a quick high five then continued working on Prisoner.

Did you enjoy playing Splendour in the Grass this year?
It was great fun, I had personally never been to Splendour before. There wasn't as much grass as I was hoping for, as per the name, but heaps of splendour. I'd do it again for sure.

What inspires The Jezabels?
Everything from sexism to Cyndi Lauper.

What keeps you entertained on tour?
Word Puzzles and CR_S_W_ _D_

What's your most memorable experience of 2011?
It's hard to say to be honest, After I have a really memorable event I usually get excited about it and have a few drinks, which makes me forget. Our sold out show in Hamburg (in May) 2011 was a doozy.

Byron Bay was where Hayley and Heather first played together. Are they looking forward to returning?
They're always happy to return to Byron and visit their friends and family.

What do you have planned for this summer?
Shows, shows, shows, plus festivals, shows and more festival shows!

The Jezabels play The Northern, Byron Bay on October 12. Tickets $29. Doors open 8.30pm.

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