Evil Eddie - Somebody Say Evil

Q&A with Evil Eddie

EVIL Eddie or Eddie Jacobson is known as the frontman to hip hop genre benders Butterfingers.

He's also been releasing material on his own accord for the past few years including the track Queensland, which landed in triple j's hottest 100 in 2012.

Last year Somebody Say Evil was a contender, but didn't quite make the grade. When Pulse catches up with Eddie he says he isn't surprised.

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There's been talk of an album being released for a while now, Welcome To Flavour Country, is that still in the pipeline?
One of these days. I keep giving people dates and I keep cracking the whip. I'm the only one doing it though so I don't want to rush it. There's only three-four more songs to record and a few finishing touches. There's a possibility of June or July.

What can we expect from the album?
I released De-sex Your Ex last year but that's obviously different to the others because it's more rock where I'm usually more hip hop focused. That song probably won't make it onto the album.

Somebody Say (Evil) did well earlier in the year - were you disappointed it didn't make it in the hottest 100?
Yeah I guess, I wasn't that surprised. Being that song was more of a brag track it didn't resonate with the wider majority of listeners.

I'm looking forward to seeing the songs from 101-200 because I wonder how close it was.

I know a lot of people had voted for it because they were showing their support on Facebook and other social media.

You've said you'll be playing new tracks when you play Byron Bay - will the crowd's reaction shape the songs on the album?
Definitely, if you're a bit unsure about an arrangement it's a good test.

At the moment lyrically things are changing a lot.

I've been trying to study songs from a songwriter's perspective - really trying to build a story and give it depth. If someone remembers a lyric or a title you know it's doing well.

Evil Eddie plays The Northern, Byron Bay on February 10. www.thenorthern.com .au. Tickets $15.

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