Dune Rats play Sunday Safari.
Dune Rats play Sunday Safari. Only the Best :-))

Q&A with Dune Rats

BRISBANE garage rocking duo Dune Rats are on a steady rise thanks to two EPs released this year. Guitarist and singer Danny Beusa took some time out to chat to CASSANDRA TOBIN about their new EP.

You released your second EP Social Atoms in September have you been happy with the response?
Yeah, Social Atoms has had way more attention than we'd planned for. So it's just been really awesome to play and have people dig our shit.

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You had a bit of help from a few friends on the EP - tell us more about who helped out and what they did . . .
Man we had amazing help from a whole lot of people. It was amazingly cool how much our friends all helped us at different stages of making Social Atoms.

Cam, our good mate at Incremental who we recorded tracks with, would set-up the studio every day in a rehearsal space and just be so chilled with the amount of stuff we would throw about all day.

Then we had Tim Morrissey from John Steel Singers, who produced our first EP.

Tim would let us come over, put tracks on repeat and just sing whack melodies.

We were stoked to get Berkfinger from Philadelphia Grand Jury involved to mix it because he just owned it.

We'd get bucketloads of emails back and forth from him with little licks he'd recorded over in Berlin, and he's just a bearded genius. We love him.

But then we were also stoked to have our mates playing on Sexy Beach too, like Sean Caskey from Last Dinosaurs and Campbell Smith from Millions!

How did the recent tour go? Any tales from the road?
Went great! I lost my wallet on the second day so BC was bailing me out the whole time and yeah, lots of stories... We did meet Brett Lee!

You must be stoked to play Big Day Out next year after winning the Gold Coast slot through Triple J Unearthed . . .
Absolutely stoked! Who would have thought that two long hairs such as us were capable of anything like that . . .

If the past is anything to go by winning this slot will mean you'll be nominated for an ARIA next year... is this an aspiration?
Nah. Would be cool to go for the free meal. Is there a free meal?

Any plans for an album?
Yep . . . next year we'll put it out and it's gonna rock! We think.

Dune Rats play Sunday Safari at Byron Bay Brewery along with Miami Horror (DJ set), Sampology and local party starters Rushton, And Oh!, Buzz, Red Mane, Easy P, Adam & Eve and Stretch. Tickets $20, www.moshtix.com. Sunday, 3pm.


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