Bleeding Knees Club.
Bleeding Knees Club.

Q&A with Bleeding Knees Club

GOLD Coast three-piece Bleeding Knees Club is back from the US with an album under their belt.

You'll have to wait until next year to hear itbut beforehand you can catch them live at Woody's Surf Shack, Byron Bay, on Saturday. Drummer Alex Wall tells CASSANDRA TOBIN about the band's massive year.

You guys have had a pretty big year. What has been the most exciting thing to happen?
It has been pretty big, I think the most exciting thing that has happened was getting to go live in New York City for five weeks and recording our album with Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion). That was pretty cool.

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Rolling Stone, NME ... where can you go from there?
The Bible.

You were named as a band to watch in 2011 by both magazines - the year is almost over, so do you think you lived up to the expectation? 
I dunno, this year we kinda just did a lot of work to set things up overseas and getting our album done. So I think next year will be our year. So watch us then.

Do fans often ask to join the club after purposely falling over and scraping their knees?
I don't think that has happened. I don't know why anyone would purposely cut their knees, that would be weird. Even if they did they can't be in our club. We have enough members already.

You have an album coming out in March recorded in New York - tell us about the recording process and working with Dev Hynes.
It was pretty rad, we hung out in NYC for four weeks just skateboarding and going to shows, then in the last week we thought that we should probably do some work so we went into this tiny studio in Brooklyn for five days and recorded the whole album.

Working with Dev was a real cool experience. He's easily the coolest dude I've ever met or hung out with. He actually played bass on our whole album, which is rad.

But yeah, he knows so much about music and is a super nice guy and has so many crazy stories. He is also pretty good at basketball.

Did recording over there have a big impact on the sound?
Um, I guess a little bit. New York is a pretty fast-paced place, and I guess the album's pretty fast. It's also a real fun city and we got a bunch of girls to sing on a heap of the songs which I think made the songs sound a lot funnier.

You grew up on the Gold Coast, not too far from Byron Bay where you're playing next weekend - is it a big transition from touring OS to returning to the hometown gigs?

Yeah it's really different - I really like home town shows.

I like it when the crowd is really screwed up and all up in my face which is usually what happens at our home shows.

Where overseas we are still a new band and people are still getting to know us so the shows are a little more tame. But yeah, I hope this Byron show gets crazy and weird.

Bleeding Knees Club play alongside Eat City Nights, Mother & Son and Dead Beat Band on Saturday from 8pm in the first of a run of shows put on in conjunction with SAE. Tickets $10 at the door.

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